About MaiCoin

1. What services does MaiCoin provide?

We aim to build an one-stop digital asset platform. MaiCoin's services include: Instant Exchange, Electronic Wallet, and Merchant Service. Everyone (18 years old up) can apply for a free MaiCoin account.

Instant Exchange - Instant Exchange - Instant Exchange is one of our primary services. There are multiple payment options for user to choose from when purchasing Bitcoin on MaiCoin. Start buying digital assets

Electronic Wallet - You receive a free complimentary electronic wallet when you register for an account on MaiCoin. The wallet can be used to receive and store digital assets. Take bitcoin as an example, bitcoin is a P2P application. Bitcoin users can send bitcoins to any Bitcoin addresses in the world. Sending and receiving Bitcoin is just as intuitive as sending and receiving email.

Merchant Service - MaiCoin also provides multiple Bitcoin payment tools for all kinds of merchants. Applying for a merchant account today and start accepting Bitcoin payments from all over the world. Bitcoin payments can be converted to NTD automatically with no fee, so that merchants have no exposure to the risk of Bitcoin value volatility.

2. What fees are charged by MaiCoin?

Fees associated with buying and selling digital assets are factored into the price on Maicon's platform. Sending and receiving digital assets are also free. (Note: your bank may charge you a transfer fee ranging from $15 to $17 NTD when you pay for your purchases using ATM transfer) 

3. How to apply for a merchant account?

Please go to Contact Us , click on “Others” under “Question Type”, write down your conditions and requirements, we will get to you immediately. 

5. About MaiCoin, digital asset storage and security

Q: Since MaiCoin platform is an individual account that contains functions of buy, sell, send, and receiving digital assets, can we say MaiCoin is a personal digital wallet?

A: Yes, absolutely. MaiCoin provides every single user an individually-owned wallet. You can imagine the structure of the platform as an email system. Let’s say you have an email account, it’s likely that you set up your own server, or the service can be provided by Gmail or Hotmail as well. Regardless what options you adopt to access the email service, you’re the owner of this email account.

Q: Where exactly are my digital assets stored at?

A: Precisely, every user’s digital assets are stored on the blockchain. The blockchain, aka the public ledger specifies the amount of coins you own at the public addresses provided by MaiCoin.

Q: If this is truly my personal digital wallet, I’d like to understand how can I retrieve my digital assets if MaiCoin discontinues its operations, or MaiCoin is hacked?


i. The first situation is when hackers log in to your MaiCoin account with your email address and password to remove your digital assets from your public addresses, then it’s impossible to recover the loss.

ii. The second situation is that hackers log in to the platform from MaiCoin’s side, and remove your digital assets from the platform. This is a different case from the first situation as MaiCoin will be responsible for users’ loss due to the security vulnerabilities on MaiCoin’s side.

iii. The third case is if MaiCoin decides to discontinue its operations, and the assets have yet to be retrieved by the users, the users are still entitled to full ownerships in the possessed assets.

6. Why is Maicoin's price different from other exchanges?

Our price spread reflects current market conditions and global digital asset liquidity.

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