Buy and Sell Digital Assets

1. How to buy Bitcoin or Ether?

Please place your order prior to transferring your payment or you might not be able to receive your Bitcoin and Ether. Please click here for step-by-step instructions on how to purchase digital assets on MaiCoin.

2. How to sell Bitcoins or Ether?

To sell your digital assets, please enter your wallet and click on the Sell menu item. MaiCoin will transfer money to your designated bank account within 3-5 business days. Important: Please make sure your bank information is updated on your account.

3. What is the daily limit for purchase and sell?

As a security measure, the daily limit for purchasing bitcoins, ethers and litecoins are $500,000 NTD .

4. Minimum quantity amounts for buy and sell orders

Due to an increase in digital asset prices, the minimum purchase amounts have been changed to the following:
BTC 0.003 coins
ETH 0.05 coins
LTC 0.3 coins

Note: These quantities are subject to change based on market price movements

5. Why does the order status show "pending bank transfer" when the bitcoins or ethers have already been sold?

The sell order is completed as soon as you issue one. The order status shows [pending bank transfer] because the fund isn't transferred to your bank account yet.

The payment in NTD will be transferred to your designated bank account on the same day by 5PM the latest if the sell order is placed before 12PM. If the sell order is placed after 12PM or outside business hours (holidays, weekends), the payment will be transferred to your designated bank account on the following business day by 5PM the latest.

Please note that the time mentioned above is just for your reference, the actual time of payment varies according to different banks.

6. How to pay with ATM if the amount is over $30,000 NTD?

Most banks have a daily transfer limit of $3 million NTD. We kindly recommend you to choose the[繳交稅費卡款] (Pay Taxes or Fees) option, or bind your exclusive KGI account per above as your predesignated account, so that you can complete the transfer without restrictions.

7. Why can't I purchase ?

  1. Please check Identity Verification. You must provide a government-issued ID and complete 2-factor authentication in order to enable your purchases.
  2. You can only place one order at a time. Please pay for your outstanding order before placing a new order.

8. E-invoice price redeem

MaiCoin supports Ministry of Finance E-Invoice Platform. All electronic invoices uploaded to the cloud system of Ministry of Finance will be checked for lottery results automatically. Users may also opt to have prizes transferred automatically to a pre-designated bank account. Users are encouraged to take advantage of E-Invoice Platform.

Please first register for a mobile phone barcode on Ministry of Finance E-Invoice Platform website (, then sign in to MaiCoin to bind the device information. Users may print the electronic invoice from convenience store kiosks if no automatic fund transfer is set up.

All users who have completed Invoice Settings will be notified of the winning by Ministry of Finance. Users who have not completed the set up will be notified by MaiCoin of the winning through emails or phone calls. Winning is forfeited if no response is received 3 days prior the redeem deadline.

9. How do I pay for my purchases?

Currently we accept payments through ATM bank transfers.

10. Does MaiCoin support all banks in Taiwan?

Yes, we support payments made from all financial institutions in Taiwan, including banks and post office.

11. What to do if I transfer the wrong amount?

We will refund your transfers typically in 3 to 5 business days.

12. Why is my public address balance zero on the distributed ledger after my purchase?

Our platform has the designated accounting system to compute the correct digital asset balances for our users. You can imagine the internal operations of banks. When you make a deposit at your bank, your bank account balance reflects the amount that you deposited; however, the actual money you deposited may be immediately removed from your account for banking activities such as money lending, interest accumulation. Of course, our internal activities are not the same as the banks, but you can be assured that this is a normal phenomenon.

13. Can I see my buy and sell transactions on the public blockchain?

The public ledger cannot accurately reflect your actual buy and sell activities as mentioned previously our system shares some similarities with banks. Nevertheless, this does not apply to the case of sending and receiving digital assets between wallets. The transactions between wallets will be reflected on the public ledger. Therefore, the conclusion is the public ledger reflects the wallet-to-wallet transactions, but not the conversion from fiat currencies to digital assets, and vice versa.

14. About the transaction amount on invoices

The 1% amount of your buy/sell orders appears on your invoices represent our service fee from each orders we receive from you.

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