1. What security measures do MaiCoin take?

MaiCoin uses SSL encryption for all data communication and utilizes offline storage to protect your digital assets. Maintaining the highest security is our top priority, so we subject our platform to regular pressure test and make sure we keep multiple backups at different data centers.

2. What is two factor authentication?

MaiCoin uses two factor authentication which adds a second layer of security for our users. The first factor is your username and password. The second factor utilizes something you have on you, your mobile phone. Whenever MaiCoin asks you for a verification code, you can find it on your mobile phone. Only when we both factors have been verified will you be authenticated.

There are two ways you can receive your verification code on your cell phone, SMS and an Authentication App.

(1) SMS: When asked for a verification code, MaiCoin will send the code to your mobile phone via SMS which you can then enter on to the website.

Note: During the registration process, an option was provided to enter a mobile phone number. This automatically sets your second factor as SMS. If you haven’t entered in your mobile phone number, click on My Wallet and click on Security to select your second factor.

(2) Authentication Apps: Another option is an Authentication App like Authy which is free. After installing this app on your phone, Authy will generate a verification code you can enter to complete the two factor process. Google Authenticator may also be used.

3. To reset two-factor authentication

Please update your personal information by going to →[Security]→[Change Phone Number].
MaiCoin allows two ways to change your phone: [My old phone can receive my messages] and [My old phone can't receive my messages]. After the number is changed, please use the recovery code to migrate your two-factor authenticator app to the new phone or change your two-factor authentication settings from Google Authenticator/ Authy to SMS verification, and then reset the Google Authenticator/ Authy according to your preference.

Please note! For safety concerns, changing your phone number may take up to 24 hours to update. You may not be able to send digital assets during this time.

4. How do I set up Authy?

Authy is a Authentication App that MaiCoin uses. Detail

5. How do I set up Google Authenticator?

Google Authenticator is a Authentication App that MaiCoin uses. Detail

6. Photo ID upload failed

For security reasons, please upload your photo ID before trading digital assets.
The maximum file size is limited to 10MB .

7. What can I do to unlock my account?

You can go to to unlock your account by following the unlock instructions.

8. Identity Verifications

Account verification is required to enable bank transfer payment function

You have to register a Taiwanese mobile phone. (MaiCoin does not verify Chinese or other foreign numbers)

  1. Photo ID is required for verification. The file size must not exceed 10MB

  2. How to register my bank account info?
    Please refer to the cover of your bank account passbook. You must provide the account holder's name, account number, and the correct branch code as they appear on the cover of your passbook. Some banks will use the first three or four digits of the branch code as the prefix of your account number. Do not omit these digits. Incorrect bank information will result in the fund being returned and delay of the transfer to the next business day.

Note: English names are case sensitive.

Do I need to upload my phone bill statement and why?

MaiCoin offers the digital asset trading platform. It’s our responsibility to prevent the platform from being taken advantages for criminal activities with the high standard of KYC procedure as the large financial institutions to serve on the behalves of our customers.

Particularly, due to the current state of law, our service area is limited to Taiwan residents, which is why we asks for a photocopy of your mobile phone bill.

Regarding mobile phone bill statement upload, please refer to the following:

  1. The phone number appearing on the statement must be the same as the one you use to register on MaiCoin.

  2. The statement must show both the phone number and the user's name.

  3. Electronic statements are accepted.

  4. It is acceptable if your service provider censors a few digits of your phone number as long as it is sufficient for MaiCoin to validate.

For examples of mobile phone bills, please refer to the following attachments

Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom (emome)

Taiwan Mobile


Taiwan Star Telecom

What if the bill statement is not under my name?

This question can be answered in three ways.

a If you’re uploading your parents or spouse’s mobile phone bill, please include the back of your Taiwan ID in your photo for us to verify the relationship between you and the name of the person on the phone bill.

b If other relatives, please upload the bill along with your household registry that appears with your name and the relative’s.

c If you’re uploading the bill under your company’s name, please attach along with a copy of your business card that contains your name or company registration documents.

What do I upload if I am using a pre-paid phone?

All pre-paid phone applicants are required by law to provide government-issued photo IDs. Please go to the customer service representative at your local branches for a document that proves the pre-paid phone applicant's identity.

How long will it take for my identity verification to be processed? We will process your application typically in 3-5 business days. There is no need to contact us for your verification within this time window as we process on a first come, first serve basis.

9. Account Consolidation

In order to fight Internet fraud, the phone number and the ID associated with account registration can only be used ONCE from now on.

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