Send and Receive Digital Assets

1. How do I send Bitcoin and Ether?

(1) Click on the tab labeled “Send”.

(2) There are two ways to send bitcoins (ethers) using an email address or a Bitcoin(Ether) address.
Sending to an email address: If the email address belongs to a MaiCoin user, the bitcoins(ethers) will be directly transferred into their account. However if the email address belongs to some one who does not have a MaiCoin account, they will receive an email inviting them to sign up for a MaiCoin account at which time they will receive the bitcoin you sent.
Send to a Bitcoin(Ether) address: A Bitcoin(Ether)address is a set of code made up by alphanumeric characters between 27 and 34 characters long. To send Bitcoin(Ether) to a Bitcoin(Ether) address, please enter the code.

(3) Next enter either the Bitcoin(Ether) amount or the TWD amount you would like to send.
(4) You can also use "message board" to send a message to your recipient. (This function is only available for users who send Bitcoin(Ether) using Email address.

2. How do I receive digital assets?

You can provide the sender with your bitcoin(ether) address, and all them to send bitcoins or ethers to you.

3. About the per digital asset external transfer limit

As a security measure, the system imposes a maximum limit of 3 BTC , 10 ETH and 50 LTCper transaction. If you need to send larger quantities of bitcoins or ethers, please place multiple orders.

4. Why can't I send Bitcoin and Ether?

In order to send Bitcoin or Ether, please set up SMS or Authentication App as your Two Factor Authentication Tool. Check Identity Verification.
If you use SMS as your Two Factor Authentication, you will have a 20 SMS daily limit. When your SMS reached the daily limit, you will not be able to change your Two Factor Authentication or send digital assets.
Please note! For users who need to send large quantity of bitcoins and ethers, please use Google Authentication or Authy as the Two Factor Authentication, which has no daily limit.

5. How long does it take for a MaiCoin wallet to receive Bitcoin or Ether from an external address?

To search for the latest confirmation status, you can go to “Transactions” for transaction details and click on Transaction ID to access or You can also search by entering the receiving address.
We can only confirm the validity of transaction from external wallet to MaiCoin when it has appeared on Blockchain.Please note that there are many malicious Bitcoin websites. Please use your best judgement.

6. Why have I not received the Bitcoin sent from external wallet to my MaiCoin wallet?

Every Bitcoin or ether transaction requires the sender to pay a transaction fee to Blockchain. If your transaction still shows as unconfirmed, please check with the sender for the fee amount associated with the your transaction. We suggest tipping miners at least 0.0003BTC to provide them enough incentive to verify your transaction. Please note that transaction fee will vary with Blockchain trading volume.

7. Can I obtain a new Bitcoin (Ether) address? Will the old one still work?

Users can obtain a new Bitcoin address by visiting Bitcoin Addresses and clicking on Get New Address.
The old Bitcoin addresses are still functional even after a new one has been obtained.

8. Why does it show a different sender address when I search for my transaction status on Blockchain using websites such as

The system typically sends out digital assets from addresses that do not belong to users. We recommend searching by transaction ID for the best result.
Most reputable bitcoin websites and apps rely on the exclusivity of transaction IDs for record verification. There are many high-yield investment programs (HYIP) requiring transaction validation by sender address. This is a typical scam. MaiCoin is not responsible for those websites. We urge all users to exercise with caution when dealing with websites that are high risk.

9. What is the difference between a wallet and an address?

There is an idiom: All roads lead to Rome. If we were to explain the difference between a wallet and an address using analogy, we could consider wallet is a destination like the city, Rome, and address is simply a road that leads to the destination. Wallet: Rome ;Address: Road(s).

MaiCoin provides every account with two wallets, one bitcoin wallet and one ether wallet. Meanwhile, every wallet can have multiple addresses.

10. Can we download a copy of our MaiCoin wallet?

For the accuracy of the system, MaiCoin will not provide the service of downloading a copy of the private key for now. If you are concerned about the safety of your digital assets, you can secure your assets via offline wallets.

11. What is “Contacts” tab for?

Email addresses

If the recipients have MaiCoin accounts, the assets will be credited to their account directly. If the recipients don’t have accounts with MaiCoin, then they will receive invitations from MaiCoin to open an account in order to receive those assets.

Digital assets public addresses

Due to the length of wallet addresses, we initiate a function similar to phone books where users can collect all the frequently used addresses, and name them according to the recipients as a more efficient way to transfer assets between wallets.

12. Minimum quantity amounts for send order

Due to an increase in digital asset prices, the minimum send amounts have been changed to the following:

BTC 0.001 coins
ETH 0.01 coins
LTC 0.005 coins

Note: These quantities are subject to change based on market price movements

13. MaiCoin charges the following withdrawal fees.

MaiCoin charges the following withdrawal fees.

BTC 0.0001
ETH 0.001
LTC 0.001

Fees are added to the transaction amount, so please ensure your wallet has enough funds. Fees are subject to change depending on blockchain network miner fees.
MaiCoin reserves the right to change, suspend, or discontinue these policies.

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